Are you frustrated and confused about your Medicare options?


Medicare 101 Educational Session

We know Medicare can be confusing and everyone has their own particular needs when it comes to their healthcare. That’s why we offer a free, one hour Medicare 101 session to educate people on the most important aspects of Medicare and how different plan configurations may effect each person’s healthcare experience. We use the latest virtual meeting technology, which allows you to get your education from the comfort of your home at a time that is convenient for you. The sessions are live and you can have all your questions answered so you are armed with the knowledge to make the best choices for your Medicare plan options.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Medicare Supplement (otherwise known as “Medigap”) insurance can help pay some of the costs that Medicare does not cover.  If you have a Medicare Supplement (or Medigap) plan, Medicare pays its share first then the supplement pays its share.  Medicare Supplement coverage varies based on plan type.  Today the more popular plans are “Plan G” and “Plan N.”  For those who were Medicare eligible prior to 2020, you may be eligible for “Plan F.”  We will education you on the various Medicare Supplement plan designs.  We also provide quotes on monthly plan premiums for many popular plan options.  


We have virtual or in-person appointments available.  In-home appointments available for those residing in Duval, Nassau, Clay, or Saint Johns Counties in Florida.  We never charge a fee for a consultation.



Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C)

A Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan is a type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide you with all your Part A and Part B benefits. MA Plans include Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations, and Private Fee-for-Service Plans among others. If you’re enrolled in a MA Plan, Medicare services are covered through the plan and instead of Original Medicare. Most MA Plans offer Medicare prescription drug coverage and some offer additional benefits. Those beneficiaries who have Medicaid, may qualify for “Dual” plans where both the MA plan and Medicaid pay claims.


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Private insurance companies contracted with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offer Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs).  If you decide not to join a Medicare Part D PDP when you are initially eligible and you don’t have creditable prescription drug coverage you may incur a Late Enrollment Penalty (LEP).  Examples of “creditable” coverage are employer sponsored group insurance plans with prescription coverage or through the Veterans Administration (VA). 

Those who qualify for “Extra Help” may also avoid LEP.  Extra Help is a program managed by the Social Security Administration.  You must meet certain income and financial thresholds to qualify.  We can assist you with seeing if you qualify or even help you enroll. 

We have virtual or in-person appointments available.  In-home appointments available for those residing in Duval, Nassau, Clay, or Saint Johns Counties in Florida.  We never charge a fee.

Individual and Family Healthcare plans, dental and more

Not eligible for Medicare? No problem! We help individuals and family members with a variety of healthcare insurance solutions. We offer healthcare plans through the Healthcare Marketplace and we have short-term and Tri-Term healthcare plans for people who are looking to bridge a gap or need coverage while away at college or have extensive travel plans.

Ameritas offers very affordable and widely accepted dental PPO and vision plans. 


    abby steeleabby steele
    17:23 21 Aug 23
    Marc Manor was such a help as my husband and I transitioned from corporate sponsored insurance to Medicare. He answered all our questions, presented all options and didn't tell us till the very end what he was enrolled in. He created an opportunity for us to make a decision on what was right for each of us. This is a big decision in people's lives and you need an experienced advisor to help you navigate this information. Thank you Marc!
    Mike HannonMike Hannon
    13:10 17 Aug 23
    Very professional, thorough and personable. Helped with choosing a Medicare provider. Would recommend to anyone…
    Mike LamsonMike Lamson
    21:40 14 Aug 23
    Marc came highly recommended and did not disappoint.
    Deborah KurkerDeborah Kurker
    19:28 14 Jun 23
    We were new to the area and Marc was recommended to us. He could not have been more helpful in understanding the Medicare Insurance services that we needed. Always getting back with any questions that we had. Would highly recommend him and very happy with his company.
    Paul MoyerPaul Moyer
    11:55 02 Jun 23
    My wife and I had the pleasure (thats a word you don't usually hear in the same breath as Health Insurance) to work with Marc in finding new health insurance. Marc listened to our particular needs, provided us with viable options to meet our needs and guided us through the jungle of paperwork required to put our choices in place. He is professional, prepared and prompt and a good man who will be there as a valuable resource after the sale.
    Bonnie McswainBonnie Mcswain
    21:36 11 May 23
    HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Marc knows all the ins and outs of Medicare. He helped get the right plans for us. He took all the time needed for us to understand. Forever our insurance agent
    Wayne McDowellWayne McDowell
    14:53 06 Feb 23
    Marc came highly recommended from a friend of mine. He was always very professional and knowledgeable. I was very pleased to have him helping me with my Medicare. Couldn't have done it wirhout him. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone.Thanks again Marc!!!
    Sherry ShawSherry Shaw
    21:59 19 Jan 23
    Marc presented our options clearly and offered to meet with us at home. He was never rushed and spent time trying to identify policies best suited to our individual needs. We were relieved to find someone who could help us navigate the confusing landscape of Medicare!
    Diane GrayDiane Gray
    13:50 10 Dec 22
    We found Marc by a simple google search and couldn't have found a better person/resource. We recently moved to FL and had a lot of questions about current residency change and insurance for 2023. He could not have been more helpful and patient. We also know that if we have any questions in the future, he is a phone call away and know he will respond.
    Michelle DavisMichelle Davis
    23:31 08 Dec 22
    Marc came highly recommended when a coworker of mine heard me stressing about having to sign up for Medicare. He said don't worry contact Marc Manor. I did that the very next day in the evening, and he answered me, and we set an appt. I was impressed at this from the onset. He came to my home, explained what plans we have in our area and did comparisons to other plans available. He was super knowledgeable, patient and most of all prepared. He knows this process and that put me at ease. Once we were done, he reminded me that he would be available to answer any concerns that might come up even after the sign up. Wow... I highly recommend Marc for your Medicare needs. He is amazing!!
    Roland BoneyRoland Boney
    22:54 02 Oct 22
    I’m at that stage in life and age when the time has come to enroll with a Medicare and Medicare plan and provider. I was fortunate to have a sister who had already been through the process and had found Marc Minor to be her advisor. She highly recommended him in all areas of the process of preparing and selecting the best plan that suited her needs. I found Marc to be extremely knowledgeable and presented all the options to me so I could make an informed decision. I’ve decided to go with Aetna and all of my plan information is rolling in. Marc is a true Medicare professional and friend in every aspect of the terms.
    Naomi AllenNaomi Allen
    14:18 11 Sep 22
    I have been working with Marc Manor for almost a year now. He placed me in Atena Medicare Premier Plus and I am very pleased with it. Marc answers any questions I have promptly and is very knowledgeable in what he does.
    Jeff DavisJeff Davis
    17:39 10 Aug 22
    Marc could not have been more helpful in guiding me through the ACA healthcare system. Would highly recommend.
    Annette litzelmanAnnette litzelman
    21:45 16 Jul 22
    Marc, was so helpful in answering all my questions n guiding me through the process to help choose the plan that best fit my healthcare needs.
    Raylene DavisRaylene Davis
    18:01 05 May 22
    I'm relocating and starting with Medicare simultaneously. I found Marc after a search and was encouraged with the positive feedback he had received there. We set up a virtual meeting and I was impressed with the thorough manner he covered the things I needed to know and provided me with options that were specifically selected for my situation. He is personable and ever willing to help out.
    Kokomo Blues JJKokomo Blues JJ
    20:46 16 Dec 21
    I was eligible for Medicare in September.A couple friends said an insurance agent came to there house and went over the various options. They then suggested the best match for they're circumstances.But I didn't have an insurace agent in Florida.So I wasn't sure what to do. Finally I looked up "Best Insurance Agents" in Jacksonville.About 10 names were listed.But one stood out from all the others.That's who I called. He was very professional, asked me a few questions and suggested we talk at length the next morning.I knew, immediately that I'd made the right choice. He helped me pick the perfect plan for me. Finally my worries were over.He was friendly and knowledgeable and told me to call him if I had any questions.I highly recommend Marc Manor Insurance to anyone that has any insurance needs.I'm grateful for his time and expertise in helping me with my insurance needs.
    William LamiWilliam Lami
    00:42 26 Oct 21
    Marc is the most responsive, knowledgeable, and professional insurance agent I have ever known in my seventy four years. He went over the various plans that are available to me explaining them in clear easy to understand terms. If I could give him seven stars instead of five I would do it.
    do bdo b
    16:32 14 Sep 21
    My case was a bit out of the norm and Marc did all that he could to get the correct info. He did the extra research and did not make me feel that I was a pain and not worth the effort. He spent the time needed to get me what I required and when he didn't know something he did not repeatedly resort to phases like 'I think,' 'usually', probably etc. If there was a gray area and I asked him to get more info or verification he did so without complaint or irritation in his voice. He returned calls promptly and after I signed up to the company that worked best for me I still felt that I could contact him with concerns & questions. Marc seemed to sincerely want to be helpful and find the best solution and yes, I recommend. D
    andy fertickandy fertick
    17:37 23 Aug 21
    Marc was professional and detailed throughout the entire process. He was very thorough and answered all of my questions. I would HIGHLY recommend Marc for all of your insurance needs!
    Kevin QuitterKevin Quitter
    12:11 07 Aug 21
    I am not one to provide reviews but I will make this exception because Marc provided not only exceptional help but was also very accommodating. I sent him an email late on a Saturday afternoon, not expecting a reply until the next business day but to my surprise he called me right back and we were able to complete my application that evening. He is very easy to talk to as he makes you feel like you are talking to a good friend, which I now consider him to be! I will have no hesitation to recommend Marc and his to anyone in need of his help!Thank You Marc!
    TF MTF M
    18:24 02 Aug 21
    Short review: With many years experience, Marc provides excellent service! He goes the extra mile to accommodate prospective clients to accomplish their insurance objectives! He is very thorough with his recommendations and excellent follow up to make sure his clients are satisfied.Long review: I contacted Marc about a year ago for suggestions about Medicare Advantage companies that offered dental insurance. He emailed me a detailed review of several companies. He then spent time on the phone helping me explaining the differences and benefits of each. I decided on a plan that gave me the most of what I expected to need in dental care.Recently, I was vacationing out of my insurance home area and got sick and was hospitalized. After getting out of the hospital I was having difficulty getting the insurance company to provide after care treatment needed because I was out of my HMO area.I remembered how detailed and thorough that Marc was, so I searched all of my email addresses in an attempt to locate him, because I believe with his many years of experience that he would be able to help me get the care that I needed from my insurance company.Well, I was correct, he analyzed the problem and recommended that we do a conference call with the insurance company to request a temporary extension of my benefits to the vacation location. So that I could get the necessary treatment to get well enough to return to my home area to resume my health care under my insurance plan. At Marc’s request, the insurance rep agreed to submit an extension today. So, I am awaiting their reply.But, regardless of their decision, I wanted to do this review of Marc’s professional analysis and recommendation of the best possible solution to my problem in getting medical care at my vacation location. If the insurance company does not grant my extension, I have the utmost confidence in Marc’s ability to recommend an alternative solution.Summary: I spent several years in the life insurance business years ago and I have trained many agents. So, take it from me, Marc is one of the best educated and experienced insurance agents that I have encountered in many years and he believes in putting in the extra effort and time needed to accomplish his clients objectives! Also, he is a fellow vet! So, thank you Marc for your military service and your insurance service!
    M.E. McMillanM.E. McMillan
    12:32 17 May 21
    Marc Manor is an invaluable resource for navigating the many offerings for entry into a Medicare plan. He has a wealth of information all presented in understandable, relatable terms. Marc always made an extra effort to be sure I understood all variables. And he was incredibly patient with my questions. He never seemed in a rush to move on or frustrated to review , yet again, a particular point of concern. Marc is a fabulous consultant for Medicare Insurance needs.
    Chantrae CottinghamChantrae Cottingham
    07:25 04 Nov 20
    I'm thankful and grateful that I have had the pleasure of the experience of the expertise and knowledge that Marc has with the insurance companies and their benefits. Marc has provided information and guidance throughout the services that are available to me. Marc presented me with ALL of the information that will be most beneficial for me and my health needs. It's a blessing to find someone who cares enough to assure that you're informed properly in order to make the most important decisions about YOUR health concerns. His professionalism and customer service is outstanding. Marc has gone above and beyond what is considered good service. He has property been the voice and understanding of someone who doesnt know how to effectively navigate the insurance companies jargon and communications of health industry. I'm so glad that he has the patience and resources to continue to provide excellent service to the health and insurance world.
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