Medicare with Confidence Guide

View or download this PDF guide and learn the basics of Medicare:

Medicare Part A/B Enrollment

Looking for instructions on how to enroll in Medicare?  Here is the link to the government site (through Social Security) that provides instructions and online enrollment options:

Medicare “When to sign-up Test”

Take this test on the Medicare website to help you decide when you should sign up for your government Medicare benefits.

How to pay your Medicare Part B Premiums

If you are not taking monthly Social Security retirement benefits, you will have to pay your Medicare Part B premiums directly.  Here are some instructions provided by Medicare:

Medicare Part B Costs

Medicare Part B premiums and Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) tables are here:

Medicare Appeal and Grievance Resources

Here are government resources for appeals, grievances, and more:

TRICARE for Life Information

TRICARE For Life is a benefit for retired military and their qualified family members who are eligible for Medicare.  Click here for a copy of the official TRICARE For Life Handbook and other useful information.

Using Medicare and TRICARE

Beneficiaries entitled to TRICARE For Life (TFL) have many questions about extra benefits they see advertised regarding Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage).  Click here to find out how Medicare and TFL can work together.  This can be tricky to navigate and we are happy to help at no charge!

Medicare IRMAA Appeals Instructions

Find out how to appeal Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA):  Find out how to appeal with the government here:

Medicare Opt-out Tool

Search to see if a provider has opted out of the Medicare program here:

Extra Help for Prescription Drugs

On a tight budget and need help paying for your prescriptions?  You can check your eligibility and enroll in the “Extra Help” Program through Social Security here:

Government Benefits Finder

Find out if you qualify for Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program, and other government programs here:

Access Florida

Access Florida allows certain beneficiaries to apply and track Florida Medicaid, Medicare Savings Program, EBT benefits and other programs. 

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Many Pharmaceutical companies offer programs based on certain criteria.  This site is provided by Medicare to help those who need help paying for their medicine and may not qualify for other government programs.

Aetna Medical, Dental, Vision Reimbursement Claim Submission Site

If you have an Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan, you can submit your reimbursable medical, dental, and vision claims here.

Federal Poverty Limits for Marketplace Plans

Covered California Poverty Limits w/ Medi-Call (Mediaid) expansion

Controlled Substance Public Disposal Locations – Search Utility (for turning in unused drugs)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services News

Kaiser Health News



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Individual Healthcare Plans via the Healthcare Marketplace

Not Medicare eligible? We are licensed and appointed for Individual (under 65) healthcare insurance.  Here is a link to check out Marketplace plans in your area:

Humana Dental and Vision Plans

Humana offers a wide array of dental and vision products that fit every budget!

Ameritas Dental and Vision Plans

Ameritas provides affordable dental and vision coverage with a large network of providers!

UnitedHealthOne Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans

UnitedHealthOne (part of UnitedHealthcare) provides short-Term (up to one year) and Tri-Term (up to three years) of coverage that can help bridge a coverage gap.  Explore affordable dental and vision plans.

Oscar Health Plan

Oscar provides individual and family plans on and off the Healthcare Marketplace. These plans are very popular with those who like modern conveniences like telehealth.


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